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Common Board Governance Mistakes

Board governance can directly impact how effective and successful a nonprofit organization can become. Governance relates to fulfilling the nonprofit’s mission as well as ensuring its sustainability. Whether you’re a long-standing member or newly elected, it can be easy to succumb to common mistakes that occur through governing a nonprofit. Below are a few common… [keep reading…]

What Goes into Running a Smooth Board Meeting

It can be quite frustrating for board members if board meetings are not run smoothly and effectively.  Effectively utilizing the board’s time together is important to keep the board mission-focused and forward-thinking.  Wasted time at meetings could impact an organization negatively and financially. How a board meeting can be run smooth and effectively comes down… [keep reading…]

Diversity and Inclusion on Your Nonprofit Board

Diversity and Inclusion are words we’re all hearing these days. How are they important to your nonprofit board? A board that’s more diverse and inclusive will bring more ways of looking at issues and problems, capitalizing on the different ideas and points of view. Including voices from a wider range of backgrounds will add value… [keep reading…]

What’s Important When it Comes to Documenting Board Minutes

Board members are fiduciaries of an organization and board minutes are considered legal documents that can also serve as a record for future reference. Minutes can provide evidence that a board has exercised care in decision making as well as serve as proof that the board operates in accordance with their own stated requirements (likely… [keep reading…]

Individual Tax Implications of Charitable Contributions

People support charitable organizations for a variety of reasons: they believe strongly in the organization’s mission, they’re an alumnus of a school, a business associate or a friend has asked for support, etc. Tax deductions may also be part of the decision to make charitable contributions. If you itemize deductions on your individual return, you… [keep reading…]

TBC supports City Mission of Schenectady while bringing Hugh Johnson’s Economic Update to area business leaders

Today marked another great economic forecast by Hugh Johnson of Hugh Johnson Advisors, LLC. This annual economic update is a yearly program that TBC sponsors along with the New York Business Development Corporation (NYBDC) for members of the Capital Region Chamber. This year’s new venue welcomed hundreds of area business men and women to Rivers… [keep reading…]

Grants to You workshop

Nonprofit organizations must constantly seek new funding streams in order to continue to offer programs. Grant writing can be a time consuming and overwhelming process. Small nonprofits may not have resources to devote to searching and applying for grants.  Grants to You Saratoga is offering a 2-day grant writing workshop May 5th and 6th to… [keep reading…]

Looking to set up a new nonprofit organization in New York State? Looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit?

How can a new nonprofit organization be set up in New York State?  Are you looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit organization or need help applying for grants?  Look no further, New York State has announced a new nonprofit website. The new website is intended to act as a liaison between New York State… [keep reading…]

Is this solicitation from a legitimate charity?

We all receive solicitations from charities, some of which we’ve never heard of before.  Most of us have limited amounts that we can contribute and we want our hard earned dollars to be put to good use by the charitable organizations. How can we determine whether the request is from a legitimate charity, or a… [keep reading…]

Crowdfunding, is it right for your nonprofit organization?

How can the typical unruliness of a crowd lead to your Organization’s financial success? With proper implementation of crowdfunding, it can. Our TBC nonprofit service team meets monthly to discuss emerging industry topics and recently reviewed the basics of crowdfunding. As defined by the National Council of Nonprofits, crowdfunding is a term that refers to… [keep reading…]