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Looking to set up a new nonprofit organization in New York State? Looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit?

How can a new nonprofit organization be set up in New York State?  Are you looking for grant opportunities for your nonprofit organization or need help applying for grants?  Look no further, New York State has announced a new nonprofit website.

The new website is intended to act as a liaison between New York State and nonprofits organized in the state. The website is the latest achievement of the Division of Budget’s Nonprofit Coordination Unit, which was created by Governor Cuomo in 2014.  This unit was created to make it easier for nonprofits to do business with the New York State Government.

Some of the features highlighted include:

  • A step-by-step guide to help in setting up a nonprofit organization
  • A link to help nonprofits find grant opportunities
  • A grant gateway system, which allows nonprofits to apply for grants and ensure that the state is partnering with qualified, responsible nonprofit organizations
  • State initiatives information
  • Current news portal

So if your nonprofit organization needs help with any of the above, check out the https://www.nycon.org/ (NYS Non-Profits Website) for further information and many resources to help your nonprofit succeed.