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TBC raises $500 for Family & Child Services of Schenectady

TBC employees recently raised $500 for Family & Child Services of Schenectady (F&CS). During the month of October, our tax supervisor Tina Suhocki hosted a raffle with 100% of the proceeds going to the organization, which the Suhocki family has received services from for several years. Their mission is to preserve and enhance the integrity of family life in the area and they have done so by providing support services to disabled individuals and their families since 1930. F&CS provides the Suhocki’s with information and training on different services and programs available for her son who has a disability. However, one specific service that Tina especially appreciates is the Family & Child Services Annual Holiday Party. “In the past we have tried to bring my son to many different holiday functions, but he was unable to tolerate any of them due to his sensory issues.  The party that F&CS hosts was the first that he was able to attend which he really enjoyed and participated in,” Suhocki said. It was the holiday party that spurred Tina to want to help the agency with a fundraiser. “I just felt in my heart that it was something I had to do – to give something back to F&CS after all the wonderful memories they have given us,” she said. Thanks to Tina, the organization will put the TBC employee’s donations to good use by further helping families like the Suhocki’s in our community.