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TBC Helps Build a Stronger Guilderland

For the third consecutive year, TBC has fundraised by collection and raffle to support the Guilderland YMCA Annual Campaign. This campaign is used to support and improve the lives of youths and families in the community who may not have the financial resources to participate in YMCA programs such as athletic/recreation events and youth camps. This year, TBC raised $325 toward the campaign.

The slogan for this year’s campaign is “Together we’re building a stronger Guilderland”, which is exactly what they are doing. The YMCA strengthens the foundations of a community through developing the potential of each and every individual by promoting healthy living, and giving back to the community. Donations provide the assistance needed to youth, families and seniors who are unable to attend programs due to financial limitations. This year’s goal campaign is to raise $157,833 for the people in need, and TBC was happy to get the YMCA that much closer to their goal. With help from the community, the YMCA is building a stronger Guilderland; one child, one family, one senior at a time.