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Operational Evaluations

Organizations sometimes have lines of business, departments or programs whose income and expenses are not separately tracked within the organization’s accounting records.  As a result, when a need arises to evaluate the cost/benefit or profitability of such activities, the organization cannot easily extract the data necessary to perform such analyses.  Our professionals have performed the fundamental analyses/investigations to help organizations in these situations.  We start by interviewing appropriate personnel to determine the direct and indirect costs of the line of business, department or program in question.  We also analyze various documents and accounting records and develop methodologies to allocate certain indirect costs.  Each of these financial analyses, including the manner of communicating the results thereof, is tailored to meet the needs of each organization.  For example, some investigations have less of a financial aspect and focus more on gaining an understanding of the overall operation and decision making processes.  Often, as a bi-product to our financial analyses, we are able to provide the organization feedback and recommendations identified during the process.