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Marital Dissolutions

Determining the value of a closely-held business or professional practice owned, in whole or in part, by one or both parties in a marital dissolution is a complicated matter. In recent years, great emphasis has been placed by the IRS and other professional organizations on defining requirements for qualified business appraisers. In addition, certain jurisdictional differences regarding standards of value, institutional versus personal goodwill, as well as the definition of what constitutes a marital asset, requires the assistance of professional expertise. The professionals at TBC have significant training and experience in valuing closely-held businesses and professional practices. We work closely with clients, attorneys, and other professionals to develop preliminary calculations for settlement negotiations and/or comprehensive valuation reports suitable for submission to the court. In addition, we provide other ancillary services including, but not limited to, developing Statements of Net Worth, conducting lifestyle and other forensic accounting analyses, assisting with settlement negotiations, conducting rebuttal analyses, and providing expert testimony.