Hanks dodging New York tax hit?


According to Showbiz411.com, Tom Hanks, aka Captain Phillips, was not only missing from his cargo ship but also disappeared before the end of the screening of Captain Phillips at the New York Film Festival last month.

Apparently, Hanks is normally attentive to promoting his films, loves parties (he missed a big one at the Harvard Club following the screening) and never seems to tire of chatting with fans.

So why did the Apollo 13 star vanish during the festivities? Maybe it was a tax issue.

Sources report that Hanks, a resident of California, also maintains a home in New York. As a nonresident of New York, Hanks would be subject to tax in that state only on income he earns there.

However, Hanks may be approaching the 183-day limit on his physical presence in New York. With more than that number of days, he will be considered a resident of New York for 2013, subjecting all of his income to tax in that state.

Hanks has already spent a significant number of days this year rehearsing for, and appearing in, Lucky Guy on Broadway. At the time of the film festival, he still had commitments to be in New York for the official opening of Captain Phillips in October and Disney’s Saving Mr. Banks in December.

It is safe to say that Tom Hanks may be counting his days very carefully.
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