Changes in industry such as globalization, price increases in raw material, operating, transportation and labor costs are challenges manufacturers face. Profitability depends on efficient cost effective operations and the ability to finance growth. We take the time to learn the specific business challenges, objectives and opportunities of our manufacturing clients, seeking ways to accelerate growth by improving operational efficiency and increasing profitability. We also have a sound understanding of opportunities to save on energy costs. With access to nationwide and global resources, we can help manufacturers explore the benefits of Research & Development (R&D) tax credits, investment tax credits and other federal and state credit opportunities. 

The Manufacturing Services Group meets monthly to discuss emerging and topical issues affecting clients in the manufacturing industry such as:

  • Current accounting pronouncements in the industry
  • Federal and State income tax issues
  • Relationships with bankers and lending services
  • Inventory, material and processes
  • Tax incentives and other economic benefits