About Marly A. Soltysiak

With decades of experience in accounting system solutions tailored for small to mid-size businesses, Marly is a seasoned professional at the intersection of financial expertise and business efficiency. As a small business owner herself, Marly possesses a unique insight into the nuanced challenges of daily business operations, allowing her to adeptly address common accounting system deficits and translate them into meticulously prepared income tax returns at the close of each fiscal year.

Marly’s proficiency extends to the realms of accounting software, with a focus on QuickBooks desktop and online platforms. Her passion lies in implementing and customizing accounting systems to optimize processes and enhance overall financial performance. Her commitment to staying abreast of industry advancements ensures that she brings the latest and most effective solutions to the table.

Her attention to detail ensures accuracy and compliance in financial reporting. Marly’s expertise extends beyond the core accounting functions, encompassing payroll tax and sales tax return preparation across a spectrum of industries. This diverse skill set positions her as a valuable asset to businesses seeking comprehensive financial management solutions.

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Bachelor of Science, Siena College

Just for fun

Marly loves the outdoors in all seasons. She enjoys all water sports an avid boater as well as a former jet-ski racer.

In the fall she enjoys hiking, mountain biking, and skiing in the winter.