Forensic Accounting Services

Forensic accounting services involve the application of specialized skills and an understanding of accounting; auditing; finance; red flags associated with criminal and unethical behavior; certain areas of the law and research; dispute resolution and court procedures; and most importantly, familiarity with investigative skills to collect, preserve, analyze and evaluate documents and information, and to interpret and communicate findings. Investigations of sources of income and accuracy of income are sometimes performed as part of the financial services provided in collaborative divorce cases. Our professionals are some of the few people in the area that have these skills, understand the issues by virtue of their in-depth experience in this specialized field, and have earned credentials beyond their Certified Public Accounting (CPA) license, such as Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) and Certified in Financial Forensics (CFF).

The Forensic Accounting Services complement the Valuation & Advisory services our Firm provides to individuals and businesses. Contact Shareholder Pat Scisci for more information.

While “forensic” means used in or suitable for court, we also provide these and additional services on a consulting basis outside of litigation as well.

Our Firm is dedicated to providing clients with the entire solution to their needs by offering services including: