Collaborative Divorce Financial Services

Our professionals are qualified to assist with financial matters in Collaborative Divorce cases.  We can help the couple make informed decisions on a level playing field.  When the Collaborative Divorce model is chosen instead of traditional litigation, couples hire professionals to help them through the process of working together to reach a mutually acceptable agreement as to the divorce matters.   One of the premises of the collaborative approach to divorce is open communication and information sharing.  Often, the attorney will advise that a Financial Professional needs to be retained to assist with the financial matters in the case, in part, by working with the couple to obtain all the related information and to address the financial implications of various settlement options.

The Financial Professional plays an important neutral role in the collaborative divorce model in that they help identify the couple’s net assets and value them, help quantify the estimated future expenses of the parties, provide scenarios as to distribution of the assets and cash flow analysis for spousal and child support.

At times, business valuation and/or investigation of accuracy of reported income are required in order for the couple to have the information necessary to negotiate the financial aspects of the divorce.  We have professionals with over ten years of experience providing these and many other services related to matrimonial matters, such as settlement negotiations, duplication of income analysis, enhanced earnings calculations related to degrees and licenses, separate property analysis, financial investigations for support modifications, and other consulting and expert witness services.

Having a Financial Professional, such as one of our experienced advisors, is an asset to the collaborative divorce team. Our advisors are active members of the Collaborative Divorce Association of the Capital District, Inc.

Other related services include:

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