How to reap tax benefits from a summer vacation

If you’re self-employed and planning a vacation this summer, you could reap financial benefits by combining your summer getaway with a business trip. By doing so, you may be able to claim valuable tax deductions — if you plan carefully — and help fund a portion of your summer getaway costs.

Exercise caution with joint venture financing

With the real estate market on the rise in many parts of the country, developers may have more opportunities to obtain financing through joint ventures. Such arrangements can certainly pay off, but developers must take care before jumping in. Here’s a look at several issues to address early on.

Not just a trend: Market analysis in property valuation

Appraisers are increasingly incorporating trend analysis when valuing real estate. Property owners, as well as potential buyers, need to understand the role trend analysis (also known as market analysis) can play when determining value.

Turning a new shade of green with LEED v4

The owner of a homebuilding company in an area known for its natural beauty recognizes the importance of sustainability. She’s diligently worked at qualifying and promoting her jobs as certified under Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED), but it isn’t easy keeping up with the evolving requirements.

Could an escalation clause help with your materials costs?

That escalated quickly! This oft-quoted movie line could apply to a number of aspects of construction, one of which is materials costs. If you’ve been struggling in this area recently, there’s a tweak to your contract language called an “escalation clause” that might help.

What kind of insurance does the project need?

Every business requires comprehensive insurance coverage to protect its assets and income. Property owners and developers need to consider more than just general liability, workers’ compensation and business interruption policies, though.