The TBC Government Services Group stays abreast of industry trends. In addition to the people pictured above, TBC has many other associates who work in this industry and in total, there are 12 individuals with significant government experience.

Government organizations face ever increasing challenges in meeting growing demands for quality services while balancing budgets. With an ever-changing economy, rising energy, health care and retirement costs, and ongoing public scrutiny, Government units require strong financial management and fiscal accountability. TBC has a long history working with Government entities on the complex standards and regulations required for the responsible stewardship of public funds. The experienced TBC Government team provides the accounting services and evaluation of internal controls required to meet compliance regulations.

The Government Services Group meets monthly to discuss emerging and topical issues affecting our clients in the government sector, such as:

  • Current accounting pronouncements in the industry
  • Changes in the government arena
  • Sharing “best practices” among our governmental client base to make suggestions that will improve operational efficiencies
  • Regulatory considerations


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