Tax Planning

At TBC, we view tax planning as a year round process and are accessible to our clients throughout the year. Our tax planning services are comprehensive and we have ongoing communication with our clients to help address any issues as they arise. 

We want to help you minimize your taxes and reach your personal financial goals, therefore we are committed to communicating with you regularly and explaining how changes within the tax code will affect you and your family. When you involve us early in the process we can guide you through the tax issues to be sure you are compliant and taking full advantage of deductions, credits and other tax incentives.

Planning for state and local taxes has become increasingly difficult. When individuals need guidance, they call on the team of professionals at TBC to take advantage of the saving opportunities that the divergence in tax systems provides. We help individuals avoid the costly consequences of noncompliance. Our tax department also takes a closer look at credits and incentives that can help you and your business, not just on occasion, but each year. 

There are a number of reasons why you may be interested in revising your estimated taxes or wondering if you should adjust your withholdings. We want you to be prepared to meet your tax obligations. 

TBC offers a wide range of tax, financial and consulting services especially tailored towards helping you achieve your goals and an ultimate level of success. Suggesting tax deductions and other planning strategies are our specialties.  With the frequent adjustments to the tax laws regarding personal and business deductions and tax credits, our year-round tax planning services will help keep increased profits in your pocket.

Will you be ready for the tuition payments and costs? Since most of these funds will come directly from your budget, you will need to start saving for college as early as you can. By doing so, you could give your children the widest possible choice of schools when the time comes. Our tax professionals will sit down with you and help you estimate how much you will need to save for your children’s education expenses.

The basic objective of our retirement planning services is to provide individual clients with a financial analysis to determine if your projected cash flow will cover your projected expenses. We then fit this analysis into an overall plan that may include succession planning for business owners, estate and gift planning.

Tax Preparation

We prepare federal and state tax returns and, when necessary, estimated taxes for the next year.  

We take a team approach when preparing your federal and state income tax returns to be sure that no opportunity is missed.  If you are a business owner we consider both your business and personal tax obligations on the federal and state level.  We stay informed about changes to tax laws and have numerous tax research tools available to us.  All these factors aid us in minimizing your taxes while complying with tax laws.

At TBC, we take a proactive approach to individual income tax planning, going far beyond basic tax compliance and looking to the following year. We focus on your personal situation to identify tax strategies that will set you on the right track for financial success. By keeping our clients up to date on current tax law changes, and offering the right resources along with our income tax planning expertise, we can help you make informed financial decisions for the next year.

Hiring someone for household work, such as a nanny, driver, house cleaner or home health aide for your parents, may make you an employer. TBC can help you consider the financial responsibilities such as payroll and tax obligations for you. With our help, you can  avoid the possible ramifications of an honest mistake, while being able to rest assured that it is done right.

Government Audit Representation

We have a long history of working with various taxing authorities on all types of issues.  We represent our clients throughout the audit. We try to avoid situations where the client has direct contact with the government auditors. 

Our tax services team has many years of experience communicating with taxing authorities.  Rarely do our clients have to talk directly with federal or state taxing authorities.  By having us represent you, you can avoid taking time away from your family or your business.

An audit by a taxing authority is very stressful and we want try to relieve the stress of a government audit. The IRS or State auditor can come to our office to look over your records. This is less disruptive to you and your business.

Estates, Trusts & Gift Planning

As a TBC client, our goal is to help you transition wealth consistent within your wishes while minimizing both income and estate taxes.

When it comes to estate planning, it is imperative that individuals conduct an annual review of estate plans to determine whether they conform to current situations or need adjustments. Our goal is to make sure that we are always reviewing your plan and making sure it meets your needs.

We have experience with all types of filings that usually come with estate planning, such as charitable remainder trusts, charitable lead trusts, grantor, simple, and complex trusts, as well as gift and estate tax returns. We also have a thorough understanding of portability and take the time to understand your goals. 

Foreign Reporting

Our tax professionals have the knowledge and experience to help ensure that individuals meet their U.S. Treasury filing requirements.

As a United States citizen and resident you are required to report all of your worldwide income and disclose both your foreign financial assets and foreign bank accounts. We can help. TBC has the experience and knowledge to ensure you meet U.S. Treasury filing requirements.