Construction Success Story: Reviewing cost-plus vs. fixed-price contracts

After 10 years in the field, a remodeling contractor had worked on quite a few jobs. Some had been set up as fixed-price contracts and others had been performed on a cost-plus basis.

Environmental due diligence can preempt costly liability

If you buy property with environmental issues, you may be liable — even if you weren’t responsible for the presence of contaminants. To best protect yourself, be sure to include environmental review as part of your due diligence.

The benefits of donating appreciated stock

Making charitable donations is a high priority for many individuals and families. Doing so enables them to financially support charitable organizations and causes they believe in and may lower their income taxes.

Energize your tax planning with the Section 179D deduction

In 2005, Congress passed the Energy Policy Act. The law created a tax incentive tied to the design or installation of energy-efficient interior lighting, HVAC, hot water or building envelope systems in commercial buildings.

Gross-up provisions: Good news for both landlords and tenants

In an uncertain economy, commercial landlords understandably look for ways to protect themselves from financial exposure. One approach is the inclusion of gross-up provisions in leases.

Net operating losses: Losing money might have a silver lining

It’s probably safe to say that your goal as a business owner is to make, not lose, money. But there are situations in which your company might be able to minimize the impact from business losses.

Construction Success Story: Contractor considers ways to raise his company’s profile

A small custom homebuilder in a growing suburban area was maintaining a modest stream of business. He had enough jobs to keep his crew busy, but not enough to expand. Nearly all of his projects came through referrals from former customers, who recommended his company to their friends and neighbors.

Don’t lose your charitable tax deduction on use restrictions

When taxpayers contribute property to charitable institutions, they generally follow up by claiming a charitable deduction on their tax returns. But that deduction isn’t a given — you must comply with the IRS’s strict requirements.

Paying for LTC insurance with your life insurance policy

At least 70% of people over the age of 65 will require some level of long-term care service, according to insurance company Genworth Financial’s 2016 Cost of Care Survey.

When can our small business sign up for SHOP coverage?

Question: We’re a small employer and would like to make health coverage available to our employees through the Small Business Health Options Program (SHOP). Is there a specific time of the year when we must sign up for this coverage?
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